Monday, May 11, 2009

Fashionistas Wanted

Alright, my oh so in style freinds, I need an opinion about a dress I purchased for a wedding.

Sorry I can't a bigger picture but it is an Evan Picone Dancing Daisy dress. We have a wedding to go to in 2 weeks that is semi-formal and I want to make sure that I am not underdressed. I am planning on making some jewelry to dress it up a bit. Opinions, please?!


i Do {blog!} said...

Love it! I'm not sure what I'm wearing to the wedding yet either... I was thinking of the dress that I wore for the Venice photo shoot... what do you think? Too informal? Also, I posted this on my blog in response to your comment:

I was going to contact you to let you know about the pictures showing off your earrings! Not a huge fan of me in those pics but they definitely are GORGEOUS shots of your work! As soon as I get the pics from Mauro I'll send you a copy :)

Rekha said...

This is the most creative idea ever! I was googling handmade party cake ideas and viola! I found you via Etsy Giveaways! I would use this for my dinner party when I get and pass my bar exam! It will be a party for all the people who supported me in realizing my dream of becoming an attorney. The ones who listened to me cry, proofed my papers, came over to just give me a hug. My devoted and supportive friends and parents would def love this.

hisMrs said...

I love it! VERY cute dress!!! :)