Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Treasuries, treasuries, treasuries!!!!

I was anxiously awaiting the opening of some new treasuries today so that I could post a pretty paper treasury which you can see here that includes the talented GlitzyEvents, one of my personal favorites. Then I started to look through all the other treasuries and came upon 2, yes 2, treasuries I was featured in. Seeing as I have been on etsy since October and this was my first and second feature I was quite the happy camper. You can check out the first one here Thank you NovusArt for featuring me in your beautiful treasury...go check them out!!!! I'll wait...

And you can check out my second treasury here Thank you ClaireandMeDesigns for featuring me in your lovely go check them out too!!!!

1 comment:

i Do {blog!} said...

so exciting! congrats!!! I got the earrings you sent in the mail the other day and LOVE them! you are so unbelievably talented :) they are perfect